Anouk van Tetering (AnoukArt) is a Dutch artist renowned for her meticulous creations that breathe life into forgotten treasures. Anouk's masterpieces are a celebration of the overlooked and the everyday. Her inspiration stems from a deep curiosity for the unseen, a journey that finds its culmination in exquisitely designed photography.

Anouk's artistic philosophy is a testament to the magic of pausing amidst the rapid pace of modern life, allowing the hidden beauty of even the tiniest details to shine. With each piece, a new world is unveiled upon closer inspection, a world that often escapes our hurried gaze.

Having graduated from the esteemed Rietveld Academy, Anouk's international career took flight, showcasing her creations across the globe. From China to the United States, and spanning Europe including the UK, France, and Germany, her works have left an indelible mark on the international art scene.