Anouk van Tetering

Dutch artist Anouk(art) is best known for her perfectly designed artworks staging small or forgotten items. Objects, collected over the years, are the inspiration for beautifully designed art works, whereby the boundaries between art and design completely disappear.


Her constant search for small things stems from a great curiosity for the unseen and its appreciation in daily life.


“In this age of fast social media, it is just magical for me to pause for a moment and take a closer look - everything has its own beauty and is often overlooked. In fact, there are many details and secrets that are hidden away from our eyes. If you would just zoom in, a whole new world opens up.”


Even as Anouk’s work develops, it always retains her unique and recognizable signature. 


Anouk’s international career kicked off after her she graduated from the Rietveld Academy. Her pieces have been in exhibited in China, United States as well as several countries in Europe (UK, France and Germany to name a few).