Capasa Milano

Ennio Capasa: “I’m starting again with a new brand, driven by the same urgency for change that led me to found Costume National in 1987, with the long ride that followed. On the label I only wanted my family name: because it is a personal project which, however, is about timeless continuity, not my ego.


Today we have to deal with a new geography of fashion communities, new generations of consumers who look at fashion in a personal way, taking to extremes the attitude towards gender fluidity that I too have contributed to codify with my past work, and paying close attention to problems related to environmental and social sustainability.


The Capasa style is the style I always favoured: tense and essential, even more open to crossover and dialogue. I would like to involve the community that will grow around the brand in an active way, finding channels that lead to the exchange of ideas and proposals.”