Dodo Bar Or

Welcome to the captivating world of Dodo Bar Or, a fashion brand ignited by the creative spirit of Dorit 'Dodo' Bar Or. Having originally risen to fame as an actress in her homeland of Israel, Dodo's journey took a transformative turn as she embraced her unique personal style and made the leap from the spotlight to the world of design. In 2014, she founded the iconic Dodo Bar Or brand, marking a new chapter in her creative journey.

Dodo's innate sense of style and her artistic prowess converge within the heart of her designs. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern heritage, the brand melds traditional design, art, and architectural influences with a fresh and forward-thinking perspective. Dodo Bar Or's collections become an embodiment of cultural fusion, where every piece is a canvas upon which history, tradition, and innovation harmoniously coexist.