Our inaugural art exhibition is a curated selection of extraordinary photographs by the visionary Ouka Leele. Originally showcased in 1988 at the prestigious Cartier Foundation in Paris, these captivating works marked a pivotal moment in the intersection of art and fashion.⁠

Ouka Leele, born Barbara Allende Gil de Biedma, emerged as a trailblazer in the world of fashion photography, captivating audiences with her distinct style. Hailing from Spain, Leele became a central figure in the renowned Movida Madrileña cultural movement of the 1980s.⁠

Collaborating with designer Philippe Modelhrough, Leele created surrealistic sets, placing Modelhrough’s accessories as subjects in this series of photos. Using “Big Bertha”, the only large-scale polaroid camera to produce 50 by 70cm instant images.⁠

Opening on Friday, April 5th and on view until June 30th, Salon 27 is pleased to be showcasing a series of nine works from this iconic moment in history of art and fashion.