Stine Goya

"We want to empower the individuals wearing our clothes. Our design ethos is centered around strong, impassioned ideas and we believe in the power of colour and print. We want to give our customers the opportunity to express their true character through timeless, wearable and unique designs."

St. John

The American luxury house was founded in 1962 with the premise of timeless, classic knit dresses. For years St. John was known for their time-honored heritage and distinct style. 

Fast forward to 2021 and the appointment of Zoe Turner as creative director. The designer, who previously trained under Raf Simmons, has taken the legacy of St. John and updated it with a whole new edge. All while maintaining the classic tweeds and knits St. John is famous for.

Rochas Paris

Elegance, audacity and modernity have been the spirit of Maison de Rochas since its inception in 1925. Founded by Marcel Rochas at the age of 23, at the time he was deemed by Vogue Paris as the “couturier of youth”. His muse was his wife, Helene Rochas, known equally for her success as a business woman and as hostess for extravagant parties that included guests such as Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor or Mann Ray

Now, the Maison has revitalized its house of fashion with a new creative director, the 24-year-old designer Charles de Vilmorin. A natural successor to the Maison de Rochas, Charles injects his youth and unique style into the new ready-to-wear collections, reconciling the spirit of the Rochas heritage and imbuing it with new freshness.