Autumn Mid Season Sale

Bibi van der Velden Infinity Smoke Ring with Diamonds. One-of-a-kind infinity ring is crafted in 18K yellow gold and set with white diamonds and gray diamonds. Its center features two rose-cut salt and pepper diamonds framed by graduated, organic cuts that shine like polished smoke. Front view.
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Bibi van der Velden, Monkey Ring in a Ring. A two part ring, crafted from 18K rose and yellow gold and sterling silver, this ornate cocktail ring is artfully embellished with brown diamonds and sparkling green tsavorites. The cocktail ring is topped with a family of jewelled monkeys nestled amongst lush palm trees. A secret compartment opens and reveals the 18K gold banana ring inside. Shown from side.
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Bibi van der Velden Swirl Stackable Ring. This 18K white gold ring (with a slightly yellowish hue) artfully combines white, grey and blue-toned spinel diamonds to create a swirling ombre effect, evoking the grace and poise of smoke.. Photo shows front view.
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