The Wave Collection

The Wave Collection

Bibi ven der Velden, Siren Tail Earrings with Opals (Pair) 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold are perfectly combined to form a mermaid's tail with an expressive fin. The earrings are further enhanced with  opals and white diamond embellishments.
Bibi van der Velden Rock Pool Bracelet. A large cuff bracelet in 18k white gold and a dazzling cluster of Keshi pearls to create an organic shape with beautiful iridescent tones of blue, white, and grey pearls. The bracelet is further adorned with white diamonds.
Bibi van der Velden, Sea Kelp Bracelet. This beautifully crafted Sea Kelp Bracelet is made with 18k yellow gold and features olive-green sapphires and enameling. Subtle accents of white diamonds and a mesmerizing 18k rose gold mermaid complete the look. Shown from the front.
Bibi van der Velden Siren Tail Earrings Pair. These mermaid tail earrings are crafted from 18k yellow and rose gold, the intricate tail is accented with white quartz and white diamond embellishments. Product photo from the front.
Bibi van der Velden Lagoon Shell Pendant with Wave Chain. 18k yellow gold shell shaped pendant showcases an iridescent pipe pearl for a shimmering effect. With a white diamond and a cream pearl on the interior and a wave chain crafted from 18k yellow gold.
Bibi van der Velden, Sea Goddess Ring Crafted from 18K yellow gold, this cocktail ring features a mermaid's body serving as its band, with it's hair intertwined with  keshi pearls and tsavorites. Olive-green enameling symbolizing the flora of the seabed completes the nature-inspired aesthetic.
Bibi van der Velden Mermaid Pearl Pendant on Waves Chain. A South Sea baroque pearl has a mermaid's tail crafted from 18k white and rose gold woven into it. Brown diamonds embellish it's tail and the pearl is set on an 18k white gold chain with round grey pearls of varying sizes.
Bibi van der Velden Mermaid Wave Ring in 18k yellow gold. It captures the beauty of the ocean with its sculptural design and glistening white and brown diamonds, white pearls and aquamarine.  Shown from the side.
Bibi van der Velden Tidal Wave Earrings crafted with an 18K yellow gold base and accents, white diamonds, and rutile quartz. They are designed to evoke the powerful surge and delicate sparkle of a tidal wave. Front view.
Bibi van der Velden Big Wave Earrings. Crafted from 18K Gold in the sculptural form of rolling waves, the crests of the waves are encrusted with white diamonds. The earrings go onto the ear at mid point, creating a dimensional look from both the front and back of the earring. Shown front view.

Bibi Van der Velden

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