Bibi van der Velden Alligator Bite Earhugger. An ear cuff in the shape of a biting alligator. Made from 18K gold and emerald eyes with diamond accents. Photo shows ear cuff from the side view.
Bibi van der Velden Alligator Wrap Bracelet. A high fine jewelry piece of the most amazing quality and detail. This photo shows the entire 18K gold bracelet with tsavorite eye details from the side view. It includes detailed scales, carved legs and fluid internal pieces to make the bracelet curve perfect across the wrist.
Bibi van der Velden The Alligator Wrap Thin Necklace made from 18k yellow gold in the shape of body of an alligator. Its elongated tail serves as the necklace's length and features a closure of the alligator's jaws snapping down on its own tail in the front. This necklace has  tsavorite eyes and moving feet. Shown on model.
Bibi van der Velden, Aquamarine Wave Stackable Ring. Organic wave shaped ring inset with Aquamarine gemstone and inset with white diamonds. Shown from the front,
Monica Sordo, Araya Long Earrings. organic shaped drop earrings feature 24 carat gold with stunning Black Onyx, White Onyx, and Angelite stones. Sustainable designer jewelry, fair trade jewelry. Photo of earrings front.
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Conde de diamante Azura Ring. 18K white gold band ring with a center row of carré cut blue sapphires flanked on each side by bands of pave white diamonds. Shown on model facing front.
Monica Sordo Cubagua Earcuff Small. Handmade in Peru, sustainable jewelry. Photo of the 24K gold plated ear cuff from the front.
Bibi van der Velden Diamond Vapour Bangle - Bangle style bracelet created in interwoven 18K gold and set with white and grey diamonds. Shown on the model's arm.
Conde de diamante Eden Earrings. 18K white gold drop earrings  Featuring a London Blue Topaz stud and tendrils of white gold with pave white diamonds and a second London Blue Topz Drop at the bottom. Shown on model.
Conde de diamante Elisa ring. The Elisa Ring features a stunning twist of 18K rose gold, adorned with a pave of sparkling diamonds. Delicately rounded and elegant. Shown from the front view.
Bibi van der Velden, Green Amethyst Wave Stackable Ring. 18K Gold band in an organic shape of a wave. Set with green Amethyst and white diamond. Shown from the front.
Bibi van der Velden Green Gradient Alligator Vertebrae Bite Earring. Crafted in 18K yellow gold, the alligator's body is formed by White Quartz, Green Amethyst, Green Agate while the head and tail are in solid 18K gold.  Photo shows earring from above.
Bibi van der Velden Inhale Stackable Ring A Stackable Ring crafted from 18K white gold with pale yellow tones and enhanced with white, grey, and blue toned diamond and spinels to form an organic shape inspired by smoke. Photo shown from the side.
Bibi van der Veldon Alligator Ear Bite Earring in Mammoth. The Mammoth Tusk Earring is made in 18k yellow and white gold with tsavorite eyes. The closing bite mechanism that snaps onto the ear.  Shown from above.
Bibi van der Velden Malachite Alligator Vertebrae Bite Single Earring. Hand-crafted 18K yellow gold earring with spine of the alligator and lifelike malachite body with Tsavorite accents. It has a unique bite clasp and moving tail. Shown from the front side.
Bibi van der Velden Malachite Alligator Earring. Hand-carved to replicate the body of a mini alligator, the 18K yellow gold earring is adorned with tsavorite stones and a malachite carved body.  Shown from the top view.
Conde de diamante Marquise Ring. 18K white gold, diamond and ruby band ring. Five single diamonds are flanked by eight oval cut rubies. Shown from the front.
Bibi van der Velden Mermaid Pearl Pendant on Waves Chain. A South Sea baroque pearl has a mermaid's tail crafted from 18k white and rose gold woven into it. Brown diamonds embellish it's tail and the pearl is set on an 18k white gold chain with round grey pearls of varying sizes.
Bibi van der Velden Mermaid Wave Ring in 18k yellow gold. It captures the beauty of the ocean with its sculptural design and glistening white and brown diamonds, white pearls and aquamarine.  Shown from the side.
Bibi van der Velden Mini Scarab Eternity Bracelet. Made in 18k rose gold, this bracelet has nine  scarab beetles, each made with translucent, matte gemstones in soft shades. The beetles' heads are paved with pale brown diamonds. Shown from the side view.
Bibi van der Velden, Mini Scarab Fly Wings Stud Earring. Crafted in 18K yellow gold and sterling silver, the earring features stunning green enamel wings and is decorated with brown diamonds and tsavorites.
Bibi van der Velden, Mini Scarab Gold Fly Wing Stud. Crafted in 18K yellow gold and sterling silver wings that open to show  brown diamonds and tsavorites body. Shown from the top view.
Bibi van der Velden, Mini Scarab Pave Stud. Crafted from 18K yellow gold and sterling silver, this earring features a pave of brown diamonds, tsavorites and yellow sapphires. Shown from above.
Conde de diamante Minimal Esmeralda Pendant Necklace 18K white gold, art deco-inspired circle design with paved diamond stones and emerald detailing. The 18K white gold chain is accented with emerald links.
Monica Sordo Nautilus Earfan Spiral Earrings in Green Unakite and Gold. Sustainably made in 24K gold plated brass and stone inlays. Photo shows the earrings from the front.
Bibi van der Velden, Olive Quartz Wave Stackable Ring. Organic wave shaped ring crafted in 18K gold with olive quartz inset and white diamonds. Shown from the front.
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Monica Sordo Earfan Spiral Earrings in patchwork nautilus. In shades of blue, black, grey and green. Photo shows earrings from the front.
Monica Sordo, Peninsula Choker Necklace in Black Onyx. statement choker is made with organically shaped 24 carat gold plated ovoids and black onyx inlay. Adjustable length. Photo of the product shown from the front.
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Bibi van der Velden Pink Gradient Alligator Vertebrae Bite Single Earring A single earring in the shape of an alligator made from 18K rose gold and rose quartz, amethyst, pink opal. It features sapphire eyes and the alligator body moves. Photo shows earring from above.
Conde de Diamante Ruby Pendant Necklace. Simple high jewelry necklace in platinum, 18K rose gold chain and with a single ruby surrounded by two white diamonds.
Condé de Diamante Sapphire Degradé Tennis Bracelet. whilte gold flexible tennis bracelet with diamonds and an ombre of blue sapphires. Shown with model.
Bibi van der Velden Single Scarab Bunch Earring  Approximately 40 genuine scarab wings are attached to the 18k yellow gold and diamond top of this drop earring. When placed on the earlobe, the wings sway gracefully with the motion of the wearer. Brown diamonds and tsavorites accentuate the scarab heads.
Bibi van der Velden Scarab Mammoth Necklace. Art deco style scarab pendant drop crafted from mammoth tusk and set with green tsavorite stones and pave white and brown diamonds. With links in the chain of scarabs and inset stones. Adjustable length necklace. Sustainable high jewelry. Photo showing the entire length of necklace from the front.
Bibi van der Velden Scarab Pink Opal Ring with Green Tourmaline. Art deco style large statement ring carved into a scarab shape from pink opal. Inlaid with green tourmaline and pave set diamonds adorn the front. Sustainable jewelry. High jewelry collections. Cocktail ring. Ring shown from the front view.
Bibi ven der Velden, Siren Tail Earrings with Opals (Pair) 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold are perfectly combined to form a mermaid's tail with an expressive fin. The earrings are further enhanced with  opals and white diamond embellishments.
Bibi van der Velden Swirl Stackable Ring. This 18K white gold ring (with a slightly yellowish hue) artfully combines white, grey and blue-toned spinel diamonds to create a swirling ombre effect, evoking the grace and poise of smoke.. Photo shows front view.
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