The vibrant world Anastasios Poneros is deeply rooted in the dynamic of New York City's graffiti culture. With an upbringing saturated in the city's artistic ethos, his street art, presented under the moniker P_RK, adorns the urban canvas of NYC.

Drawing from the rich wellspring of his Greek heritage, Anastasios weaves a unique artistic narrative that effortlessly blends his playful yet apocalyptic perspective with ancient Greek symbolism. His work, a visual testament to his ethos, has garnered global acclaim and has found its home in galleries spanning the likes of New York City, South Hampton, Miami, Aspen, Switzerland, Athens, and Mexico City.

Beyond the boundaries of the canvas, Anastasios' art mirrors his maritime spirit, reflecting the romance and adventurous spirit of his nautical explorations along New York's waters.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Anastasios gratuated from Pratt Institute in 2002.

Today, he continues to translate his artistic voyage from his studio in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn.