Leslie Amon

Founded by designer Leslie Amon. Fueled by the shared quest for the 'perfect swimsuit', Leslie harnessed her creative prowess to bring a blend of elegance and functionality to women seeking swimwear that reflects their individuality.

Hailing from Swiss and Egyptian origins, and driven by a wanderlust spirit, Leslie Amon established her brand in the heart of Paris in June 2017. Her designs are a living canvas inspired by the interplay of colors, pattern, and materials meant to be worn on the beach and beyond.

Leslie Amon's commitment to excellence shines through in every piece of swimwear, all meticulously manufactured in Europe, proudly sourced from Portugal and Italy. Crafted in limited quantities, each creation utilizes 4-side stretch jacquard fabric made in France, encapsulating the fusion of quality, innovation, and style.

Formerly a designer at Saint Laurent and a staple in the Paris fashion scene, Leslie Amon brings a wealth of experience and artistry to her brand, making it a true icon in the world of fashion.