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2024 collections from Altuzarra, Plan C, Bouguessa, AZ Factory and Wales Bonner available now for 15% off pre-orders.

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Plan C

Plan C, led by fashion visionary Carolina Castiglioni, is a luxury women's fashion brand known for edgy design, audacious colors, and unwavering quality. Founded in 2018, the brand combines fashion heritage with contemporary creations, housed in a Milan space with a rich legacy.

The collections blend masculine and feminine elements, featuring bold prints and vibrant colors, all crafted from premium materials to empower strong and determined women.

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MEET AZ Factory with Lucinda Chambers and Molly Molloy

AZ Factory joins forces with the formidable duo of Lucinda Chambers and Molly Molloy from Colville, combining their visionary talents in a collection that marries prints, pleats, and textures.

Lucinda Chambers stands as a beacon of creativity in the fashion world, having made an indelible mark on the industry over several decades. Her career began at British Vogue, where she held the position of Fashion Director for 25 years. Lucinda is widely celebrated as one of the most influential figures in the business.

Molly Molloy is a trailblazer, known for pushing the boundaries of fashion with innovative designs. From her early days as head designer at Marni, Molly fearlessly experimented with bold patterns and unconventional materials, earning acclaim for her audacious approach. Now, as the co-creator of Colville alongside Lucinda, she continues to challenge the status quo, consistently surprising and inspiring with each new collection.


PORTALS | Jonathan Freemantle

With this series, I am painting in reverse. The canvas is dyed with a dark black or indigo. I then begin bleaching parts of the surface to reveal lighter areas. The process happens slowly, in many layers, as I attempt to encourage an ethereal light into the artwork. Finally I add layers of paint, and occasionally ground gypsum crystals in acrylic medium. The result is hopefully very open and suggestive of a numinous experience. The paintings appear simultaneously as portals and as veils and come from an instinct for a kind of light that I have felt all of my life.

I would say these paintings are figurative in a way. They depict a sense of being,the feeling in the body, rather than the body itself. I am trying to get to the essence, in all things, to get to a kind of singularity, or simplicity. These works feel like they come out of a process, and even then I feel like they come through me,rather than from me. So really all I’m doing is setting up experiments, working mindfully, and trying to get out of the way as much as possible so the magic can happen.

Nature is central to my work. Placing my body in nature always brings me back to the source of why I do what I do. Certain places have more significance to me,mostly because they are places where the connection with nature is strongest.To quote Lee Ufan; ‘Our body does not belong just to us. It creates a relationship with the world. And this relationship is the most interesting thing of all.’

Bibi van der Velden

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of jeweler and artist Bibi van der Velden's iconic fine jewelry collection. Bibi's visionary designs capture the mythical allure and organic beauty of natural, making each piece a unique masterpiece.

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