Jonathan Freemantle

Born: 1978 Cape Town, South Africa.
Lives and works: Edinburgh, Scotland.

At 17, he was selected as one of five students from around the world to study at St Oswald's Academy in London, a 5-year intensive traditional training/apprenticeship in drawing, painting and sculpture and geometry, which continues to inform his rigorous approach to painting and artistic practice.

Drawing on an encyclopedic and intimate knowledge of painting and art history, Freemantle's work explores the intricate relationship between her body, time, and the earth as materials and as inspiration. Embracing egg tempera, mountain rocks and ochre in his paintings, he situates the body as an organic presence in harmony with the landscape, while physically integrating the landscape into the human act of painting. In a doomed age like the Anthropocene, in his passionate and viscerally undeniable canvases, Freemantle consciously and resolutely advocates for the redemption and forgiveness of what is human, and as male of man, on the planet.