Talia Collins

Born from the visionary passion of former Vogue France stylist, Talia Collins. In 2018, Talia embarked on a mission to harmonize her love for fashion with her deep concern for the marine environment. Growing up with summers spent along the picturesque coastlines of Brittany and the South of France, she developed a profound respect for the ocean and its fragility. This reverence for nature's beauty and a call for its preservation became the driving force behind her eponymous brand.

Talia Collins seamlessly integrates her commitment to sustainability with her innate sense of style. Her journey from a Vogue stylist to a swimwear designer was fueled by the desire to make a meaningful impact on the fashion industry. With a keen awareness of fashion's ecological footprint, Talia's creations are a testament to conscious design. Her collection, crafted for women who value the origins and afterlife of their garments, exemplifies her belief in giving fabrics and industry by-products a renewed purpose.

Talia Collins invites you to embrace fashion with a purpose, where style and sustainability intertwine. With a focus on raising consumer awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry, her brand stands as a beacon of conscious fashion.