A contemporary ready-to-wear label that celebrates minimalist aesthetics and empowers strong, sophisticated women. Designer Farrah Bougessa's visionary creations bring to life the fusion of clean lines and impeccable details, shaping a wardrobe that resonates with modern elegance. With a dedication to minimalist sophistication, the brand's ethos is deeply rooted in global trends, art, architecture, and modern design.

Founded in Dubai by Faiza Bougessa in 2014, the brand thrives within the bustling creative landscape of the Dubai Design District, where Farrah designs three collections each year.

Faiza Bougessa's journey into garment making was ignited during her early years spent alongside her grandmother, a skilled seamstress. This upbringing laid the foundation for her passion, which was further nurtured through internships in tailor shops while pursuing her studies in English literature. These experiences enriched her understanding of fabric, pattern making, and sewing, ultimately shaping her into the visionary designer behind Bouguessa's exquisite creations.